Color is the most immediate way of creating a good first impression. How would your customers feel if you randomly changed your company colors? What would you do if you drove to Target to go shopping and the carts, baskets, and store colors were now yellow, black, or purple? Would that change the way you feel about Target?

People decide whether or not they like a product in less than 2 minutes and 90% of that decision is based solely on color. How did you chose your outfit for today? What made you chose to paint your bedroom that color? These are questions that general people ask and think about on a daily basis whether they are aware of it or not. However, graphic designers and photographers think of color theory more than the average person.

What is color theory? Color theory is often referred to as the art and science of color and it explains how humans perceive color, how colors mix, match or clash, and the messages that color communicates.

The right colors will make your logo, company apparel and branding products either make sense to consumers or not. In addition, color communicates with your audience on an emotional level and sets the mood, attracts attention and makes a statement.

Steps for making sure you chose the right colors:

  1. Choose a mood
  2. Understand your existing design elements
  3. Choose your dominant color
  4. Add in shades and tints
  5. Create a color scheme

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